The Time Machine Leaves Oamaru

The Time Machine Leaves Oamaru

Moving out. Returning home to the Time Travelers Museum Oxford, Canterbury, New Zealand.

Time Machine Movers are moved by a moment with this new fangled thing called an internal combustion engine. I wonder if it will ever catch on?



Just in time Mayor Alex Familton and his lovely wife Heather share a moment marveling at the creativity of Stephen Murray from the Time Travelers Museum, Oxford Canterbury, who re-created this replica of the Time Machine from the 1960 film based on H.G. Wells book The Time Machine.








The League of Victorian Imagineer's 2012 Steampunk: tomorrow as it used to be exhibition has opened.

After a very unfortunate leak in the time continuum valve which held us up by 24 hours, the Custom House Gallery opened it's doors on Sunday to the  delight of all that came to see it as well as those wonderful souls that put such a lot into creating the exhibition. Here are a few images of some of the exhibits. Come along and see the rest for yourselves.

The exhibition runs until March 2013 and is open from 10.00am - 6.00pm daily except Christmas Day.

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