Short Story Competition

The people at sentientonline have asked if we could post a note about their Steampunk short story competition. It is open to residents of Australia and New Zealand. The competition ends on 31 December. Click here to be taken to their site.



Imagineers member  Evil Genius is selling some of his creations to make room for more awesome inventions. Check out his Xray Ban Goggles here. These are pretty solid handmade items worthy of a perch on anyones forehead.





The Steampunk:tomorrow as it used to be Exhibition has closed. 

The Forrester Gallery    

Sunday 5 December was the last day for the Steampunk Exhibition. It's been a wild ride with the gallery constantly full to the brim with people soaking up the crackling retro victorian atmosphere. On the last day we made it through the 11,000 visitor barrier to set a high bar for next years exhibition to aspire to.

Thank you to all the artists, helpers, workers, visionaries, officials, dreamers, visitors and people with the cash for all your help and encouragement. Without you this exhibition would never have gotten off the ground. With the boost you have given us we are now heading for the stars. 

This exhibition attracted 11,000 visitors which is pretty amazing, but that is only a drop in the bucket when you think about the billions of people living on our sweet Earth. To ensure everyone can see what all the fuss was about I have created a folder in the Gallery tab called Steampunk Exhibition 2010. In there are images of all the artworks displayed in and around the Gallery during the exhibition. Click here for instant teleportation there.

We have already started planning for next years Steampunk Exhibition and as soon as we are ready to ask for expressions of interest we will let you know.

Steampunk exhibition poster



The Antipodean League of Temporal Voyagers visit Oamaru.

Last Sunday 5 December we were visited by newly inducted Wellingtonians Ermyntrude and Cholmondeley. They had recently moved to the shaky isles from Melbourne and are members of a group called the Antipodean League of Temporal Voyagers, who are responsible for events such as Euchronia 2010. (It is definitely worth following the link as you will be amazed at the pictures of the Van der Graff generator trying to blow the temporal travelers sky high.) This fine pair had heard of the goings on happening here in Oamaru and decided to ambulate down the South Island to inspect what the fuss was all about.

To their surprise and amazement they found a town chock full of Italianate architecture, monster street art and a busy steampunk community.

I had the pleasure of escorting our guests around Oamaru and showing them the sights of our town. First up was a look around the exhibition. They were flabbergasted, practically speechless, after a wander through the Forrester's halls. "Wow" pretty well sums up their comments about the exhibition. Then we went to call on Agent Darling who was busy building a gigantic robot on the forecourt of Meeks Mill. "Gasp", "Oh my". After catching our breath we went for a lap of the Historic Precinct. 300 metres and 3 hours later we finished up at the Oamaru Ordinary Cycle Club. "I have never seen so many penny farthings in one place" exclaimed Cass as she purchased a set of penny farthing ear rings.

All in all, great fun was had by everyone and we are looking forward to seeing our two leagues come together for some good old trans-Tasman steampunk hi-jinks.

You can read Ermyntrude's report on their visit here, here.

Temporal Voyagers meet String Bean the robot




10,000th Visitor to Steampunk Exhibition. 
 The 10,000th visitors. Article printed in Oamaru Mail 
 Today, Thursday 2 November 2010, we have had our 10,000th visitor to the Steampunk:tomorrow as it used to be Exhibition. At 10.45 this morning Andy and Susannah Smith, a newly married couple from Alton, in Hampshire, England, came through the doors of the Forrester and were greeted by gallery director, Warwick Smith, who told them of their luck. Warwick presented the couple with a celebratory bottle of bubbly and souvenir Tee Shirt. 



Steampunk at the Oamaru Christmas Parade 2010
The Steam and Rail Float

Today was the day of the Oamaru Christmas parade so I had a rest from minding the Steampunk Exhibition and rounded up a few likely paraders for a early afternoon saunter down Oamaru's Thames Street. I meet up with Sir Livin' Hope and Courtly Storm at the gallery from which we hiked to the assembly point for the parade. Along the way we meet up with La Falconesse, Agent Darling and the mysterious fifth member of the Imagineers, 'blank'.

At noon the whistle blew and we were off. We took our position following the traction engine and proceeded at a stately walking pace down Thames Street, around SPHQ 001 and into Takaro Park for a picnic and a knees up. We were having so much fun that three young ladies spontaneously joined our procession. I gave them a banner each and a great time was had by all. Such a great time I didn't get any photos of the actual parade. I've put what I have in a folder in the Gallery tab.

 This is the method of travel I choose

Around SPHQ 001 we go

 Orange is a colour that attracts a lot of attention Sir Livin' Hope and Courtly Storm size up the traction engine




Highlight of the Victorian Heritage Celebration was being able to spend time with our special guests Greg Broadmore and his partner Kate. Greg and Kate came to Oamaru to taste its steampunk delights and the spectacles came so thick and fast they soon looked like wide eyed owls. During their stay they were able to enjoy visits to the Heritage Ball, the Penguin Club's 20th Birthday concert, Fleur Sullivan's new restaurant, the Loan & Merc, Steampunk Headquarters, The Victorian Fete and finally the Steampunk Exhibition.

I've just been reading Greg Boardmore's blog and it sounds like he had a good time during his visit to Oamaru. Read his comments here.

Sir Livin' Hope and Greg Broadmore

 Greg and Kate will have lots of stories to tell when they return to Wellington and the busy halls of Weta Workshop. Thank you for sparing the time to visit us. We look forward to you coming to visit Oamaru again soon.  

Greg considers entering the best dressed competition


I've just got back from the Victorian Heritage Parade. The Parade was a great success with thousands of people cheering the marchers on. I've posted some photos in the gallery. There are also a couple of images of the Ladies Raleigh Twenty Bicycle Race.  Click here to be whisked there instantly

The Usual Suspects





 Little Wonders visit Steampunk ExhibitionHere are the children of Tapa Toru
Tapatoru is the four to five year class from Little Wonders Child Care Centre here in Oamaru. On Monday morning the children and their teachers all got into their walking shoes and went for a morning trip to The Forrester Gallery to see the Steampunk Exhibition.
 A favourite game was 'How far can we push Bosca?'
 Exploring minds explore Steampunk The Pulmugator was very popular



Miss Lucy Lovehandles has started a blog about her adventures in Oamaru. Read them here. Lucy is a lass sent to Oamaru to help the locals come to terms with Steampunk. I'm sure her adventures will enthrall you all.


We have a new bunch of bloggers following Oamaru Steampunk. Fenwick School have been reporting on their steamy adventures here. Don't forget to leave a nice comment. 
 Fenwick School Students and their Rayguns



Professor Damotimus Tipotus' Libratory is Now Open
Karl cuts the ribbon
The ribbon was cut last night at the opening of Professor Damotimus Tipotus' Libratory. After working hard for the last three months creating this steampunk cave, Damian gave the ribbon cutting honor to his brother Karl. The Libratory is designed to be the central clearing point for the steampunk artworks created in the South Island and Oamaru, the professor will be stocking and displaying the finest inventions for sale to the public. Open each week Friday and Sunday, 10am to 3 pm. Visit his web site for all the detail.  The sign leading into the Libratory
 Customers inspect the Libratory cave Victorian 3-D helmet



The Train leaves the Station at 9.30 pm Saturday and Friday.

Each Friday and Saturday evening at 9.30 pm the SPHQ 001 starts up for a trip into the surreal. Out of the mists of time the SPHQ 001 Subtertrainian Device erupts into life. Set against the dramatic Oamaru skyline this appearance makes for a spectacular event. Every Friday and Saturday night, bring your friends and family along for the fun.





 Steampunk Street Party Spectacular Event
The Street Party was a great success with about 800 to 1000 people attending. We had an amazing demonstration of Rocket Punk when Andy Bean started up his Go Kart. Check out the blue flame coming out of the afterburner. I've posted several photos of the event in the gallery, click here.  
 Andy's Jet Powered Go Kart 


Steampunk:tomorrow as it used to be Exhibition is now open.

Seven days a week.

23 October to 5 December

10.30am to 4.30pm.

9 Thames Street, Oamaru, NZ.


 We have had record numbers of people attending the Exhibition. We are stocking up on the tea bags and chocolate biscuits in readiness for the upcoming month's stream of visitors.


One gentleman I spoke to said he hadn't been to a art gallery for twenty years, another commented that he had never been to a gallery ever. These lads were both in their sixties. Steampunk has the capacity to shake people up and get them to do things they would never have considered before, like going to an art gallery.

Every floor is jam packed with marvoulous devices, machines, images and people. Don't delay, come to Oamaru today. You will be amazed.

'Gantry Girls' by Tim Munro



Literacy North Otago students have created a utube video of the adventures they had while building the Polmugater. This device has proven to be a smash hit with many visitors to the exhibition.





People bring more Steampunk artworks for me to see

Mr. Cullimore came to visit us at the gallery today and he brought with him his Steampunked flintlock pistol. It is a historical replica he made some years ago, for which he has created a rather neat raygun addon. The pistol can be changed from flintlock to ray gun and back again in minutes, making it the perfect time traveler's protection device. This is a really tidy piece of work, beautifully built. 





Alex the Kid brings Oamaru Steampunk to the Small Screen


 Alex the Kid, darlings of the Steampunk music scene came to Oamaru to make a music video. And the Imagineers were invited to help out. We are pop stars, Woo-Ho! We all had a great time being props for the band and The Steampunk Belly Dancers looked a treat. We're looking forward to seeing the fruits of our labours on the big screen in the corner of the lounge. A big thanks to Alex the Kid and the movie crew for the adventure.

Go to their site to find out about the band and their many other interesting attractions. It is here http://musichype.com/alex-the-kid-steampunk

Check out their promo video here  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-5fX8_ZcB5M

 Alex the Kid








Extra Ordinary Interstellar Earth Defender 

 After another record breaking day at the Steampunk Exhibition I went along to the Oamaru Ordinary Cycle Club to take a gander at their latest addition to the flock.

This magnificent beast is called the Extra Ordinary Interstellar Earth Defender and was build by Greg in his underground lair.

This machine features wings, atomic reacter pile, steam turbine, a propeller and a cannon. The steam turbine will drive the front wheel, making it effortless to ride, but if you do pedal you will take off!! Just the thing to shoot down those pesky Oscar Airships hiding out around the Steam Punk Head Quarters. There are 20 more images in the gallery, click here.


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