Today was the day of the Oamaru Christmas parade so I had a rest from minding the Steampunk Exhibition and rounded up a few likely paraders for a early afternoon saunter down Oamaru's Thames Street. I meet up with Sir Livin' Hope and Courtly Storm at the gallery from which we hiked to the assembly point for the parade. Along the way we meet up with La Falconesse, Agent Darling and the mysterious fifth member of the Imagineers, 'blank'.

At noon the whistle blew an we were off. We took our position following the traction engine and proceeded at a stately walking pace down Thames Street, around SPHQ 001 and into Takaro Park for a picnic and a knees up. We were having so much fun that three young ladies spontaneously joined our procession. I gave them a banner each and a great time was had by all. Such a great I didn't get any photos of the actual parade. I've put what I have in a folder in the Gallery tab.
Images of our first Fashion Show
I took Rightous Bison for another street parade adventure when we joined the 2010 Victorian Heritage Parade. The parade took place on the Oamaru streets of Thames, Itchin and Tyne. This was a magnificent event.
A selection of the pieces from the League of Victorian Imagineers 3rd exhibition Steampunk: tomorrow as it used to be
The 4th League of Victorian Imagineers Steampunk exhibition in Oamaru has opened. We are being hosted by the North Otago Arts Society in their splendid Customs House Gallery in the Victorian Precinct.

We have 30 exhibitors with more pieces arriving as the exhibition goes on.

Open from 10.00am to 6.00pm daily. The exhibition is upstairs and the staircase is easy with only a few steps between landings.
These wonderful businesses have supported the Steampunk NZ Festival again this year. Please patronise them when you come to Oamaru.
Winners and runners up of the 2014 Steampunk NZ Fashion Show.
On New Years Eve 2007 the Mighty Alfs Army meet the Scary Aliens in mock combat at Oamaru's harbourside.

The Battle was fought using flour bombs, water ballons and silly marches.

Alfs Army were the victors and Oamaru was saved from the Martians. A good time was had by all.
Agent Darling and La Falconesse visit cosplay heaven
As our fame grows we are being sent images of artworks from people all over the world.
I prefer to leave the front page dedicated to local Oamaru Steampunk news and feel that a gallery created to display works from the wider global community is a good compromise.
As I receive worldly works i will post them here for all to see.
The Octogon Tea Party 4th February and The South Dunedin Festival at The Gasworks 17th March
Here are some of the entries Imagineers and their friends and families entered into the SPHQ/Oamaru Mail photo competition.
This was a great competition and we all had a lot of fun stretching our imaginations.
From out of the blue comes no ordinary cycle. It flies, it has a reactor and it scares aliens. It is our saviour.
The Wonderful Mechanical Creations of Steampunk Incorporated
First Expedition of Intrepid agents
John Key, our Prime Minister, came to Oamaru to open our new cycleway. 24 May 2010
Images caught during the Steampunk-Tomorrow as it used to be Exhibition. The Forrester Gallery played host to this excellent collection of things from another universe.
A sample of the works presented at the Steampunk:tomorrow as it used to be Exhibition 2010.
On Saturday 30 October 2010, The Steampunk Groups of Oamaru held a Street Party to celebrate the opening of the Steampunk:tomorrow as it used to be and the first public fire up of SPHQ's 001 Steam Train.
Between 800 and 1000 people attended and enjoyed all manner of entertainments.
We had many people come dressed in their steampunk costumes, including some zombies.
Here I am in my newly created steam punk suit. The suit is constructed from a common or garden boiler suit commonly worn by workmen the world over and custom alterations made by Mike the Tailor at Tiger Lily's of Oamaru, N.Z.
The appearance of a steam powered pest control device and the dissection of a sick dell made this Swap Meet one to remember.
Here we are scaring the tourists down at the Grain Store on a sunny afternoon.
We spent the afternoon swapping tales and techniques.
Quite a few visitors took pictures.
Damian unveils his Rocket Powered Elevator Shoes at our first Swap meet for 2011
Photos of our latest swap meet. We brought our latest projects to show and we chatted about steampunk in general
Darling and La Falconesse visit Methven to view the latest in Steam Ploughing developments.

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